Update 1.11.36 for Starfield – May 15, 2024 (2024)

Update 1.11.36 for Starfield – May 15, 2024 (1)
The newest Starfield update has arrived, laden with a host of enhancements and new content!

  • Enhanced planetary maps – In response to player feedback, we’ve significantly upgraded the clarity and detail of planetary maps, ensuring your explorations are smoother and preventing any misdirection—much to the chagrin of those who used it as an excuse not to visit family.
  • Fresh gameplay varieties – For the adventurers seeking to tailor their difficulty or ease in certain game segments, delve into the Settings menu for a range of novel adjustments. Mix and match to suit your style, for example, heightening the challenge of terrestrial combat while easing the demands of space encounters.
  • Ship Decoration feature for interior customization – Extend your personal touch to the interiors of your vessels as you’ve been able to in Outposts.
  • Inventory management through new Tabs in Container menus – A streamlined approach to keep track of your carried treasures and tools.
  • Options for altering Traits and aesthetics post-Unity entry – A chance to refresh your character’s appearance and abilities further into your journey.
  • A toggle for the Dialogue camera within Settings – For those who prefer a different conversational view.
  • Enhanced Display options for Xbox Series X, focusing on Visuals versus Performance balance, Frame Rate Target customization, and VSync toggling for a personalized visual experience. (Series X)

This is merely the beginning; continue reading for an exhaustive list of refinements and bug resolutions!

(PLEASE BE ADVISED: This update is presently in Steam Beta and will be fully released to all players shortly. Minor changes may occur, but rest assured, we will communicate any further adjustments. We appreciate your patience!)

Xbox Series X Display Settings

In line with requests for greater graphical control on the Xbox akin to PC capabilities, we’ve introduced several settings on the Xbox Series X to customize your gameplay experience more finely.

With these settings, we recommend using a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) Display at 120hz, ensuring your Xbox setup aligns for optimal performance. Starfield will automatically target a 40fps default under these conditions, prioritizing a lush visual experience.

  • Frame Rate Target: Choices now include 30, 40, 60, or Uncapped frame rates on VRR-enabled displays. For non-VRR displays operating at 120hz, options will be limited to 30 or 60fps, with a potential for screen tearing at the higher selection.
  • Visuals versus Performance: Tailor your gameplay with a focus on either enriched visual detail or streamlined performance, affecting resolution and special effects quality. Dynamic resolution adjustments may occur in response to complex scenes.
  • VSync: Opt between having VSync off to uncouple game frames from monitor refresh rates, potentially causing screen tearing, or on to sync frame rates with the display for a smoother visual experience albeit with frame rate caps.



  • Optimizations for General Stability and Performance.
  • Upgrades to NPC fleeing, avoidance, and navigation algorithms.
  • Remediation of various object placement discrepancies.
  • Adjustments in the balance of Extreme difficulty, enhancing enemy damage multipliers.


  • Correction of a bug affecting maximum shield capacity visuals post-load.
  • Rectified a persistence issue with invisible weaponry post-effect.
  • Experience from scanning flora/fauna now also attainable through harvest/kill actions.
  • Elimination of unintended harvest items in blended biome flora.
  • Fixes for docking mechanics with previously commandeered crafts.
  • Adjustment to Class C flight dynamics in targeting mode with boost active.
  • Solutions for docking challenges with ships during gravitational jumps.
  • Accuracy improvements for ship scanner hostile or crew assessments.
  • Corrections for overlapping docked ships in loaded saves.
  • Disabled conversation options for stunned characters.
  • Addressing dissimilar apparel display on mannequins.
  • Mannequin helmets now properly represent neck and torso sections.
  • Weapon duplication during loot actions addressed.
  • Enhancements to NPC exit from dialogue under attack scenarios.
  • Dialogue camera focus corrections during exits.
  • Increased vigilance in Neon and Ryujin factions towards player’s criminal actions.
  • Autosave creation upon fast travel if Save on Travel is activated.
  • Sandstorm hazard functionality improvements.
  • Weather transition corrections upon ship entry.
  • Targeted fixes for Starborn Power ‘Inner Demon’ interactions with certain robot variants.
  • Solutions for ‘Phased Time’ power-related save loading issues.
  • Lip-sync fixes during ‘Phased Time’ activation.
  • Fixes for legendary Starborn weapons losing special effects.
  • Storage container functionality restoration in Razorleaf.
  • Zero gravity appearance fixes post-temple completions.
  • Rifle Certification skill reloading speed benefit fixes.
  • Immediate firing capabilities post-aim with certain weapons.
  • Melee attack animation occurrence corrections.
  • Laser sight visibility fixes from enemy Magshear.
  • Hand scanner weapon visibility improvements with ‘Toggle Iron Sight’.
  • Weapon type switch visibility corrections.
  • Subtitle display enhancements from ECS Constant.
  • Helmet gap appearance fixes in the Transfer Menu.
  • Clothing through spacesuit visibility adjustments after scope aim.
  • Unintended force application on enemy kills addressed.
  • Fixes for occurrences killing seated characters.
  • Camera setting retention upon load.
  • Quest cooldown duration corrections.
  • Fixed friendly hails from UC ships to Crimson Fleet members.
  • Moara’s ship entrapment solutions.
  • Addressed random ship landing inconsistencies on planets.
  • Turn counter fixes in persuasion mini-game interactions with Star Parcel Freighter.
  • Ship Service Technician repositioning post-wander.
  • Ensured proper exits from Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse.


  • Exterior ship lighting fidelity in Photomode and travel sequences.
  • Remediation of shadow flickering and precision issues.
  • Galaxy map zoom functionality correction (PC).
  • Smoothing integration of ocean with shorelines.
  • Character editor screen aspect ratio adjustments with FSR3 (PC).
  • Depth of field visual enhancements under specific conditions.
  • Mitigation of subtle flickering in ship editor highlighted parts.
  • Lighting and shadow quality improvement beneath trees.
  • Wind direction consistency improvements.
  • Star glow through planet visibility issue fix.
  • Visual artifact refinement for certain VFX.
  • Rain ripple effect enhancements on water surfaces.
  • Fog presence consistency upon Neon landing.
  • Upscaling technique flickering reduction (DLSS, FSR, XeSS) on PC.
  • FSR3 ghosting and flickering issue resolution (PC).
  • UI disappearance post-Borderless Full Screen change with FSR3 correction (PC).
  • Artifacts during camera transitions addressed.
  • Object highlight visibility in hand scanner corrections.
  • Internal rain effect in spacecraft issue fix.
  • Water color anomaly correction in New Atlantis with particle beam usage.
  • Motion blur option clarification to “Low Quality” from “Off”.
  • Default Ship Third Person FOV value adjustment.
  • Weapon visibility retention on racks or containers upon ship re-entry.


  • Robot assignment retention post-Outpost Crew Station deletion.
  • Cargo Link part orientation updates post-movement at Outposts.
  • Removal of persistent red outlines on repaired Outpost objects.
  • Water input connection maintenance upon greenhouse flora type changes at Outposts.
  • Resolution for environmental hazard presence within constructed Outpost structures.
  • Greenhouse plant movement correction upon relocation.
  • Stair deletion prevention when removing objects placed atop at Outposts.
  • Furniture stacking exploit fixes for reaching unintended locations in Outposts.
  • Outpost wire movement accuracy improvement upon structure relocation.
  • Resolution for floating habitat modules post-support structure removal.
  • Ambient audio consistency for Outpost items.
  • Outer-system cargo ship resource unloading to full capacity.


  • “Back to the Grind”: Camera perspective fix upon interview seat exit with Imogene.
  • “Breaking the Bank”: Dialogue option display correction during conversations with Chief Purser Murata.
  • “Breach of Contract”: Dr. Keala appearance at designated location ensured.
  • “Crew Encounter”: Betty Howser’s hiring availability in Jake’s bar.
  • “Echoes of the Past”: Delgado’s navigation in the canyon.
  • “High Price to Pay”: United Colonies character interaction during escape.
  • “Hostile Intelligence”: Steam Tunnels accessibility post-departure.
  • “Into the Unknown”: Vladimir’s consistent Temple location provision.
  • “Into the Unknown”: Temple location objective population.
  • “Legacy’s End”: Huan Daiyu positioning at mission conclusion.
  • “Legacy’s End”: Crimson Fleet Prisoners idle line accuracy in Brig of the Vigilance.
  • “Legacy’s End”: Key return procedure post-prisoner casualty.
  • “Loose Ends”: Neshar and Neon Security scene occurrence.
  • “No Sudden Moves”: Petrov’s artifact approach pathing.
  • “One Small Step”: Vasco’s floor integration in commandeered Crimson Fleet ship.
  • “One Small Step”: Non-aggressive miner interaction in Vectera mines.
  • “One Small Step”: Ship fast travel enablement from world boundary.
  • “Rook Meets King”: Corpse idle animation prevention.
  • “Sabotage”: Manipulated character movement refinement.
  • “Start-up Stopped”: Quest initiation consistency.
  • “The Best There Is”: Objective receipt correction.
  • “The Devils You Know”: Character gaze accuracy enhancements.
  • “The Mantis”: Razorleaf disappearance fix.
  • “The Old Neighborhood”: Area effect attack usage in Moara’s ship.
  • “War Relics”: Unit 99 mobility assurance.
  • “Left Behind”: Wildlife attack discussions removal on lifeless planets.
  • “Legacy’s End”: NPC visibility consistency based on player position.
  • “Grunt Work”: Terrormorph jamming prevention in Hadrian’s hiding area.


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Update 1.11.36 for Starfield – May 15, 2024 (2024)


Will Starfield be difficult? ›

Starfield has five difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Although these settings do not impact the story, they do alter the amount of damage inflicted and received, as well as the frequency of Legendary enemy encounters.

Is there DLC for Starfield? ›

Shattered Space DLC, coming in Fall 2024, promises new story content, locations, and gear for Starfield players. Fans speculate that the expansion will focus on House Va'ruun, offering a new star system to explore.

Is ng+ harder in Starfield? ›

The base version of Starfield, starting a New Game+ run does make the overall experience slightly more challenging by increasing the amount of damage enemies deal by 10%, eventually capping out at 100% in New Game+10.

Will Starfield really have 1,000 planets? ›

In an interview with The New York Times published alongside the release of Starfield, Ashley Cheng, Bethesda's managing director, said the developers made sure there was enough to do in the game without jam-packing all 1,000 planets with content.

Are there only 4 cities in Starfield? ›

Jump to:
  • New Atlantis.
  • Akila City.
  • Neon.
  • The Key.
Nov 17, 2023

Is Earth on Starfield? ›

You can actually travel to Earth very early in the game, as we visited Earth ourselves during Starfield's second mission, The Old Neighbourhood. However, to get to Earth you need to have enough fuel for your ship.

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If you've ever dreamed of launching into space and exploring new worlds, a much-anticipated new video game can take you there in rich detail and immersive storytelling. With Starfield, the first new universe from Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years, your role-playing journey can lead to more than 1,000 planets.

What does ng+ do in Starfield? ›

Starfield New Game Plus is unique take on the common mechanic that allows players to start their game over without losing everything, though it's a bit confusing and might throw some players for a loop.

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How demanding will Starfield be? ›

While Starfield isn't too CPU intensive, it's somewhat ravenous when it comes to RAM and your rig will need at least 16GB to meet minimum requirements.

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It's worth noting that game difficulty has no effect on XP gains. Players who simply want to level up may want to consider toning the difficulty down so that they can face off against higher-level enemies more easily.

Does difficulty affect loot in Starfield? ›

The difficulty levels in Starfield affect various aspects of the game, including damage dealt, damage received, and the likelihood of encountering high-rarity foes for better loot.


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