Mpsaz Lunch (2024)

1. Food & Nutrition | Departments - Mesa Public Schools

  • Meals are not available for “grab & go”, per USDA regulations. Adults can eat breakfast for $2.75 and lunch for $4.75. View Participating Locations ...

Food & Nutrition | Departments - Mesa Public Schools

2. Nutrislice Menus

  • Menus, powered by Nutrislice. Nutrislice is the leading provider of digital menus, signage, and ordering software. View menus online or with the Nutrislice ...

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3. Announcing Free Meals for All Students at Qualifying Schools

  • 22 feb 2024 · Please visit for more information on qualifying schools, Free and Reduced Meal applications, menus, and more. Mesa Public Schools ...

  • Mesa Public Schools is pleased to announce that through the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) o...

Announcing Free Meals for All Students at Qualifying Schools

4. Mesa AZ - MPS Food & Nutrition - Facebook

5. Mesa Public Schools - Child Nutrition Assistant - Part Time - TalentEd

  • Have some knowledge of food borne diseases. Ability to learn and understand the regulatory requirements of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.

  • Child Nutrition Assistant – Cafeteria Food and Nutrition Department Mesa Public Schools is an award-winning district and voted Best Place to Work in Mesa. With over 9,000 employees, we are the largest school district in Arizona. Families have sent generations of students through our schools, as we are the premier educational choice in Arizona. Base Rate: $16.87 Performance Pay: Available annually New hire experience: 1% of the base hourly rate granted for each year of verified like experience (within ten years) beyond the requirement, up to a five-year maximum New hire education: 1% of the base hourly rate awarded for an AA or higher degree if not required for the position Class/Calendar: A12, 9.25 months Hours: Part-time (19-29 hours per week) FSLA: Non-Exempt Benefits: None OVERVIEW Perform a variety of duties related to the day-to-day preparation and delivery of school food service to students and adults. QUALIFICATIONS: REQUIRED: Must be 18 years of age Possess or ability to obtain a Maricopa County Environmental Services Food Service Worker card within 30 days from hire. Have the ability to perform vigorous physical work and to lift up to 50 lbs. Have the ability to continuously stand and/or walking for shift Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, school staff and students. Ability to communicate effectively with students, parents and staff. Ability to be flexibl...

6. Mesa Public Schools - ASU Department of Psychology

7. Food & Nutrition of Mesa Public Schools - Facebook

  • Check out our *NEW* online menus!!! ... Check out what's for lunch today ! The official porta...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

8. Mesa Public Schools - TalentEd Hire

  • Menu. Sign Up for Job Alerts View Job Listings. Welcome. Welcome to the Mesa Public Schools new application system. If you have submitted an application with ...

  • Apply online for K-12 Jobs in Mesa Public Schools

9. Free/Reduced Lunch Percentage - Mesa Public Schools - Mesa, Arizona

  • ... Food Authorities (SFA). An SFA is the governing body which is responsible for the administration of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). 2. All data is ...

  • HomeBrowseDevelopers

10. Red Mountain High School (040497001411)

  • ... The unduplicated number of students who are eligible to participate in the Free Lunch and Reduced-Price Lunch Programs under the ...

  • Use the Search For Public Schools locator to retrieve information on all U.S. public schools. This data is collected annually directly from State Education Agencies (SEAs).

11. Featured - 63 East Main Street #101 | Mesa, Arizona 85201 - BoardDocs

  • ... During the summer, board meetings begin at 5 p.m. ... Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 as amended, and applicable ...

  • Food Service Programs

12. East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) - Career training for adults ...

  • EVIT offers more than 50 career training programs to Phoenix area adults and East Valley high school students. Programs include Construction, Criminal ...

  • EVIT offers more than 50 career training programs to Phoenix area adults and East Valley high school students. Programs include Construction, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Dental Assistant, Diesel Technologies, Digital Animation, and more.

Mpsaz Lunch (2024)


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