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13465 Midway Road, Farmers Branch, TX75244

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (7)(18)
5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (8)(10)

Why choose this provider?

Chris Bell of Finesse Bodywork is a certified personal fitness trainer and travel agent. He offers massage therapy services to clients in the Dallas metro and neighboring communities. This includes Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massages. He also offers tranquility massage and add-on services, such as stretching of muscles, scalp, and abdomen. He adjusts the pressure, from very light, medium, or heavy pressure, according to how the clients' preference and focusing on where pressure is most needed.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Deep Tissue

Why choose this provider?

Mack Pitts L.M.T., M.T.I. has been providing therapeutic massage services to clients in the Dallas area since 2006. He offers Swedish massage, reflexology, deep tissue therapy, and trigger point technique. He specializes in pain relief treatments for the neck, lower back, and body. He also provides a fusion massage session that incorporates different massage modalities. Mack has been certified by the state of Texas as a massage therapy instructor. He is a massage specialist with Cooper Fitness Center & Spa Dallas.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Reflexology

17084 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX75248

License: MS0064

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (9)(42)
4.5 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (10)(11)

Why choose this provider?

Sterling Health Center has been offering massage services to Dallas clients since 1991. Its team of massage therapists performs different massage techniques, including Swedish, sports, pre-natal, hands and feet, and deep-tissue massages. It also gives clients an option to add aromatherapy and hot towel to their services. In addition, the center teaches individuals who want to be massage therapists by providing 500 and 570 hours of massage courses. Its founder, Vahideh Mansoori, has been teaching massage therapy since 1994.

4333 Bowser Avenue, Dallas, TX75219

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (11)(5)

Why choose this provider?

Renewed Spirit is a massage practice that serves clients in Dallas and the surrounding areas. It deals with massage therapy and yoga. The facility offers neuromuscular therapy, Thai massage, guided meditation sessions, and individual yoga therapy classes. Reiki energy therapy sessions and classes are available as well. In addition, it conducts counseling sessions for individuals, teens, couples, and families. Renewed Spirit is owned and operated by Steve Reedy, who has been in the massage industry since 2003.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Aromatherapy

7331 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX75214

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

3.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (12)(25)
4.3 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (13)(1)

Why choose this provider?

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is a massage therapy center that serves clients in Dallas and its surrounding communities. The center offers Swedish, deep tissue, sports, hot stone, and trigger point massage. It also offers anti-aging collagen, rejuvenating, and detox facial treatments. Other esthetic treatment services include microdermabrasion, peppermint scalp massage, hand therapy, and hair removal services. Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa regularly offers continuing education courses on massage ethics to its therapists.

  • Deep Tissue

4674 McDermott Road, Plano, TX75024

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (14)(7)

Why choose this provider?

Wellness Dallas serves clients in the local metro in need of massage services. This business also provides chiropractic care, medical care, rehabilitative therapy, and nutritional counseling. Additionally, it offers digital X-rays, total health and wellness assessment, and work and auto injury treatment. Its founder, James N. Kontaratos, was invited to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado to be among the back-end support for American athletes to participate in the 2004 Summer Games in Athens. Kontaratos was also featured in Chiropractic Products Magazine and ON Magazine.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Prenatal Massage

9533 Losa Drive, Dallas, TX75218

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

4.7 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (15)(23)
5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (16)(8)

Why choose this provider?

TRI Massage and Bodywork is a massage therapy center that caters to clients in Dallas and its surrounding communities. The center’s treatments are alternative health options that help alleviate discomfort associated with occupational stresses and chronic pain issues. Its team has 20 years of combined industry experience. Its therapists perform Swedish, myofascial release, deep tissue therapy, sports, posture and movement re-education, and pregnancy massage. TRI Massage and Bodywork is part of the Dallas Metroplex alternative healthcare providers.

  • Swedish Massage

4943 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX75254

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

4.5 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (17)(167)
4.7 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (18)(129)

Why choose this provider?

Founded in 2010, Massage Felax is a massage therapy center that serves clients in Dallas and the surrounding communities. Its therapists perform deep tissue, sports, trigger point, prenatal, and Swedish massage. The center’s founder, Chris Ahn, is an advocate for reflexology. Ahn has developed a training program that enables inexperienced students to become skilled reflexology professionals within a month. He partnered with Amy Holt in 2014. Holt has years of massage therapy study in America and China.

  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage

11661 Preston Rd Suite 119, Dallas, TX75230

License: ME6260

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (19)(24)
5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (20)(17)
5.0 9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (21)(1)

Why choose this provider?

The NOW, A Massage Boutique is a team of massage therapists located in Dallas. Aiming to support and inspire, it offers clients a space to escape the stresses of everyday life and recharge their energy and spirit through the healing benefits of massage therapies. These include Swedish-inspired, energy balancing, sports-inspired, deep tissue, and calm balm types of massage. Other services include herbal heat therapy, scalp renewal, prenatal massage, soothing eye mask, and gua sha. The boutique offers a nature- and Zen-inspired ambiance to promote wellness and relaxation.

  • Deep Tissue
  • Pregnancy Massage

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Chris Bell of Finesse Bodywork13465 Midway Road, Farmers Branch, TX75244

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Mack Pitts L.M.T., M.T.I.10670 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX75231

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Sterling Health Center17084 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX75248

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Renewed Spirit4333 Bowser Avenue, Dallas, TX75219

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Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa7331 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX75214

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Wellness Dallas4674 McDermott Road, Plano, TX75024

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TRI Massage & Bodywork9533 Losa Drive, Dallas, TX75218

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Massage Felax4943 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX75254

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The NOW Massage Preston Forest11661 Preston Rd Suite 119, Dallas, TX75230

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  • Introduction

    Massage therapists are health care providers that use an array of techniques to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and increase flexibility. They're required to undergo intensive schooling in anatomy and massage techniques before working with clients, and they must have up to 2,000 hours of practicum, during which they treat patients under the supervision of a trained massage therapist.

    While some massage therapists strictly specialize in relaxation massage, others have undergone extensive training to treat specific injuries and conditions using a variety of techniques, including reflexology, deep tissue, and cupping. Other specializations massage therapists may offer include hot stone massage and hydrotherapy.

  • What do massage therapists do?

    Massage therapists use techniques such as stroking, kneading, and rubbing muscles to release tension. This can cause increased mobility and flexibility and a dramatic reduction in pain caused by tense or knotted muscles. Massage therapists often offer treatment to those experiencing day-to-day aches and pains as well as to athletes and individuals who've experienced severe injuries.

  • Is massage therapy safe?

    While massage therapy is generally safe, individuals with underlying health conditions or injuries should discuss this treatment option with a primary or treating physician. This also applies to pregnant women who are interested in prenatal massage — while massage during pregnancy is considered safe, women with high-risk pregnancies may be advised to avoid massage.

  • Should I see a massage therapist or a chiropractor?

    When considering which practitioner to see for pain and other health concerns, it's important to note the differences between the two. While a massage therapist treats the muscles, a chiropractor's job is to ensure the spine is aligned by performing adjustments.

  • How do I hire a massage therapist?

    Wellness clinics and chiropractic offices often employ massage therapists to increase services offered. If you're unable to find one at a local clinic, you can often obtain a referral from your primary care physician or other health care provider.

  • What are the types of massage therapies?

    There are several types of massage therapy, each with a different purpose. While some, such as aromatherapy and hot stone massage, promote relaxation, others are more therapeutic. Each type of massage uses different techniques and levels of pressure. The most common types of massage therapies include:

    • Aromatherapy massage: Using Swedish massage techniques along with essential oils to enhance relaxation.
    • Deep tissue massage:Used to treat musculoskeletal issues and involves increased pressure and deep strokes.
    • Hot stone massage:Hot stones are laid on the muscles prior to massage to ease tense muscles.
    • Prenatal massage:Specialized massage technique for pregnant individuals.
    • Reflexology massage:Massage to pressure points in the feet and hands.
    • Sports massage:Targets injuries and strains for athletes.
    • Swedish massage:Relaxation massage that increases circulation throughout the body by manipulating soft tissues.
  • Is it normal for a massage to be painful?

    While some muscles may feel tender during a massage, feeling pain while getting massaged isn't good or productive. In fact, pain can cause tension in your muscles, making it more difficult for the therapist to perform a proper massage. If feeling pain while being massaged, it's best to let the massage therapist know so they can reduce the amount of pressure they're using.

  • Is it rude to fall asleep during a massage?

    Massage therapists are trained to help you relax and feel comfortable during your appointment. If you fall asleep during a massage, many therapists take it as a compliment. Falling asleep during massage is considered completely normal.

  • Is massage therapy considered health care?

    Massage therapy is a type of health care that can prove helpful for several types of ailments and injuries. When provided under the direction of a physician and in combination with other recommended treatments, many patients can find relief from symptoms, such as pain and discomfort.

  • Does Medicaid cover massage therapy?

    While basic Medicaid does not cover massage therapy, some states choose to offer waiver programs for beneficiaries who meet specific qualification requirements. Under some of these waivers, optional benefits, such as massage therapy, may be covered.

  • Is massage therapy covered by insurance?

    Some health insurance plans cover costs associated with massage therapy. Typically, a limited amount is covered in each calendar year, and in some cases, patients may be required to pay a portion of the cost of their massage services. Because all plans are different, it's important to check with your provider to see if massage is covered.

  • How much should I tip a massage therapist?

    In most cases, a 15% to 20% tip is recommended. If you're paying with benefits, remember to calculate your tip based on the original cost of the massage. It's also worth noting that some clinics offer all-inclusive rates, meaning that the tip is built into the price. If you're unsure if the cost includes the tip, it's best to ask.

  • Can I touch my massage therapist?

    No. A massage therapist is a health care practitioner, and the relationship between the therapist and their patients is completely professional. When you receive a massage, you've given them consent to touch you, but they have not given permission for you to touch them. It is not acceptable to touch your massage therapist.

  • How do I become a massage therapist?

    To become a massage therapist, you need to attend an accredited massage therapy school. In addition to graduating from a massage program, massage therapists are required to complete between 500 and 2,000 hours of practical experience. Most states also require massage therapists to obtain a license to practice and renew it annually.

  • How much do massage therapists make an hour?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapists earn an average of $20.97 per hour or $43,620 per year. Those with the most experience and training may have the opportunity to earn in excess of $79,150 annually.

  • How long is massage therapy school?

    Most massage therapy programs can be completed in five to six months when you choose to study full time. When studying part-time, programs typically take one year to complete; however, most schools allow students to spread out their studies over a two-year period if they choose.

  • How much does massage therapy school cost?

    The cost of massage school can vary depending on your geographic location and the school you choose to attend. According to Massage Magazine, some schools can cost as much as $15,000. If you choose to take supplementary courses, such as aromatherapy and reflexology, you may be required to pay extra for these additional courses.

  • What is massage therapy school like?

    In massage therapy school, a variety of subjects are taught, including anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Additionally, students learn proper hygiene, bedside manner, and etiquette. Once courses are completed, students go through hands-on training and gain real-world experience.

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9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com (2024)


9 Best Dallas, TX Massage Therapists | Expertise.com? ›

A great massage therapist has excellent interpersonal skills and can create a rapport with a client that helps put them at ease during treatment. They answer questions readily and explain what they are doing during a massage.

How do I know if my massage therapist is good? ›

A great massage therapist has excellent interpersonal skills and can create a rapport with a client that helps put them at ease during treatment. They answer questions readily and explain what they are doing during a massage.

How much do you tip a 50 minute massage therapist? ›

Since tips are standard protocol for massage therapists, you should assume a 20 percent tip in any massage or spa treatment situation (unless a self-employed therapist specifically tells you their rate is all-inclusive).

Who is the most famous massage therapist? ›

Who Is the Most Famous Massage Therapist?
  • Benny Vaughn. With over 44 years of experience, Vaughn has worked with Olympic and professional athletes, specializing in athletic massage. ...
  • John Barnes. ...
  • Tiffany Field. ...
  • Paul St. ...
  • Judith Delany. ...
  • James Waslaski. ...
  • Bruce Baltz. ...
  • Bonnie Prudden.

What is a good tip for a massage therapist? ›

In general, the 20% rule applies to tipping your massage therapist. So, if you're wondering how much to tip for a $100 massage, you'd want to tip $20. If you're considering how much to tip for a 60-minute massage (that costs $100) – you'd still tip $20.

What are 3 instances when massage is not recommended? ›

Total contraindications are such things as unstable hypertension or high blood pressure, contagious diseases such as the cold or flu, a significant fever, and/or recent surgery. As a massage therapist, we also learned about endangerment sites.

Is it OK to touch your massage therapist? ›

Here's what touching is appropriate: shaking hands before or after your service. And perhaps, if you are an established regular with your therapist, hugs might be acceptable. But this is it.

How much clothing do I take off for a massage? ›

Remember, it's your choice, so let your therapist know what you are comfortable with. Many customers opt to remove just the top layer as a nice balance between allowing skin access while maintaining a degree of modesty. If being partially dressed feels comfortable to you, then this is the best option.

Is $20 a good tip for an hour massage? ›

Yes, you should tip at least 20% based on the regular cost of the service, even if you're using a coupon or gift certificate, says Sokolosky. So if a massage normally costs $100, tip $20 even if you have a coupon that discounts the massage to $90 or a gift card that covers the full cost.

How often should you get a massage? ›

The short answer would be as often as you like really. The long answer depends on many factors to include the type of massage you are having, your pain and physical needs and indeed your stress and emotional needs. A massage every week or every two weeks would be ideal but not realistic for every person.

What is the most requested massage? ›

Swedish massage is arguably considered the most popular massage type, appearing on a majority of spa menus worldwide.

What is the most searched massage? ›

10 Most Popular Types of Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage.
  • Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Shiatsu.
  • Thai Massage.
  • Pregnancy Massage.
  • Reflexology.
  • Sports Massage.
  • Back Massage.

What is the highest paid massage therapist? ›

Sports massage therapists often top the list when it comes to high-earning specialties. Working with athletes to prevent injuries and enhance performance can bring a hefty paycheck. Salary.com reports that sports massage therapists generally bring in a national average beyond $81,618 a year.

Is it OK to fall asleep during a massage? ›

First things first, it's okay to fall asleep during your massage! It's your body's way of getting into a deep relaxation, and a sign that you are due for some extra self-care time.

Is it rude to not tip for a massage? ›

In many cultures, it is customary to tip service providers, including massage therapists, as a way to show appreciation for their work. While tipping is not necessarily mandatory, it is generally considered polite and customary in the Canada, North America and several other countries.

What is proper etiquette when getting a massage? ›

10 tips to get the most from your massage
  1. Be as receptive and open to the massage process as possible.
  2. Don't eat just before a massage session. ...
  3. Be on time. ...
  4. Take off only as much clothing as you are comfortable removing. ...
  5. Communicate with your massage therapist. ...
  6. Remember to breathe normally.

How do you evaluate a massage treatment? ›

Massage therapy is meant to be therapeutic by providing relief from aches, pain, and stress. To best evaluate (or gauge) the progress of a treatment regimen, the therapist must consider ways to assess the client upon arrival AND during the session, and then document the client's reactions.

How do you tell if your massage therapist is into you? ›

Changes In Behavior

The therapist might seem more flirtatious, and even seductive. You might find the session dwells on personal conversations, instead of focusing on treatment. Changes in body language might not be immediately obvious, but they can indicate a shift in the relationship.

What should I tell my massage therapist? ›

What To Tell Your Massage Therapist
  • Before Your Session: Let Your Therapist Know About Any Injuries. It's always a good idea to let your therapist know about any recent injuries or health concerns you may have. ...
  • What kind of pressure do you prefer? ...
  • The Room. ...
  • Focus on Your Breath and Body Sensations. ...
  • Conclusion.
Nov 15, 2022

How do you know you had a good massage? ›

Basically, if you feel better, lighter, happier over the course of the 48 hours following massage, you have probably had a good massage. If you are utilizing massage to heal from an injury/surgery, and your muscles are less painful, again, over the course of 48 hours, you have probably had a good massage.


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